Do you have the right skills for the Cloud?

Intechnica’s Head of Performance, Ian Molyneaux recently wrote an article for in which he said, “The benefits of cloud computing are there for the taking – but only if you have the right skills to exploit them”.

Ian is the Head of Performance at Intechnica

We all know that in the world of Information Technology, different skill sets are in demand at different times. Cloud computing is currently “flavour of the month” with Gartner predicting that by 2015 half of CIOs expect to be operating their applications and infrastructure from the cloud.

To support this shift from old fashioned “tin” to a virtual, cloud-based infrastructure, technologists need to brush up on a number of key skills. There are numerous benefits in moving to the cloud such as reduced cost, rapid deployments and on-demand access to a large pool computing resources. Despite the obvious benefits there are a number of key skills which are critical to successful cloud deployments.

These skills are:

Application development and management. Applications needs to be designed specifically to exploit the potential of the cloud, they need to be monitored throughout the application lifecycle to allow updates and improvements to be incorporated into subsequent releases.
Security awareness is paramount, as data communications move out of the data centre and into the public domain.
Deployment should be automated otherwise you’re missing out on flexibility, one of the key benefits of the cloud.

The cloud is full of commercial opportunity but it is not as simple as many expect. IT departments need to look carefully at their teams to consider who in their talent pool are self-learners, who have transferable skills and who are unlikely to make the change.

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