New report: Application performance, and why the end user experience is paramount

We recently published a blog post highlighting some key facts and figures to show how performance can affect the bottom line in e-commerce. For example, more than a third of online consumers will tell others about their disappointing website experience, and Amazon estimates that even a 100 millisecond page load delay could cause a 1% decrease in sales. Today, Intechnica commercial partner Compuware published a Whitepaper that explores the overall business impact of Application Performance.

The Whitepaper, entitled “How End-User Experience Affects Your Bottom Line”, explains why end-user experience is the “ultimate measure” of an application’s success. One of the main reasons the report gives for this is the increasing complexity of the delivery of applications, both in terms of content sources, from internal data centres, ads, external feeds and the cloud, and the variety of devices and platforms end-users access them from. Indeed, as a recent Intechnica webinar postulates, successful deployment of applications into cloud-based platforms is subject to carefully considering each unique platform, and designing the application with performance in mind from the very beginning. The main challenge in monitoring application performance is in identifying where along the delivery chain a problem might occur.The nightmare scenario for any business is for the end-users to see the problem before the business is even aware it exists. In most cases, when applications fail, they do so unexpectedly and catastrophically. This impacts the bottom line, not just through lack of availability and the hit on customer loyalty, but also through a drop in productivity in internal systems.

The Whitepaper that Compuware published today focuses on managing application performance across the entire delivery chain, that any issues can be pinpointed to their exact cause and dealt with before potentially millions in revenue is lost.

Download the Whitepaper now.