Performance Nightmare: Dutch Students Union

LAKS – Landelijk Aktie Komitee Scholieren (Dutch Students Union)

If one system fails to perform, there can be a knock-on effect across other systems as a direct response

Setting the scene: On Monday 16th May 2012, Dutch students began a 2 week-long examination process. A complaints hotline is set up each year by LAKS (effectively the Dutch Students Union) to deal with problems or issues arising from the exams or material.

Performance Nightmare: This is a quick one to highlight how one problem can have such an impact on other systems, and how there can be such a large knock-on effect under strain. Many of the complaints sent to the hotline this year were about the length of time an art exam took due to slow computer systems; whilst there were other complaints, these contributed to the 10,000 complaints sent in on the first day of exams. The complaints website subsequently crashed. Without wanting to attempt to define “irony”, a website crashing because of a flood of complaints about another system being slow has to fit the bill.


Photo: Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M


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